Publishing Update

This is really a big apology post. So here it is:


I had a bit of an accident on my bicycle, which I use often for exercise. Or rather, I did use it often until the spill, which was quite painful, but not terribly serious. I took a while getting over it, then I got stuck with some other problems.

Now I’m hopefully over it all, apart from a very occasional pain in my right shoulder.

Long story short, I am ready to go now, and I’m about ready to go.

I really made a mess of my last post. Those of you who were involved, I especially apologise to you. So what I’m doing is reposting the story, this time doing all 3 parts at once. (It’s not as if it’s a really long story.)

I’ll be publishing some more fiction soon. I’ll publish the third part of A Forest of Silvertrees tomorrow. I don’t have a big backlog, so there won’t be a lot of stories to publish, at least not straight away.

Here are the links to the last two parts of my story: “A Forest of Silvertrees” – part 1-

part 2 –

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